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All visitors here are invited to the India Business Conference at Columbia Business School.

One of the key highlights is a value investing panel moderated by Prof. Bruce Greenwald on “Investing in India: Finding Value” with four India’s focused equity investors. Event details are as follows:

Friday, April 1st 2011
Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University, 2960 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

For more details and registration, visit India Business Conference

Robert Miles at Invest Fair

I haven’t had time to update the blog for sometime as I was overseas for a short while.

Thought I drop in for a quick update of an event that’s happening in Singapore.

Robert Miles, an expert on Warren Buffett, will be in Singapore to give a couple of talks at the Invest Fair 08. This event will be held over the coming weekend at Suntec Convention Center.

For more details about this event, you can refer to the Invest Fair website.

Asia Trader and Investor Convention

Some of you might be interested in this event. Besides the Singapore event, it will also be held in Malaysia, Vietnam and India.

Asia Trader & Investor Convention (ATIC @Singapore 2008).
Date    :       1 – 2 March 2008
Time    :       9am to 6pm
Venue   :      Suntec Singapore, Hall 401
There will be many speakers two of which include Daryl Guppy and Ray Barros.

More details here: (tickets at $18 for 2 days)
Free tickets here for Singapore event (while stocks last):

I’m now here in Singapore Expo for a local event called Personal Wealth Management Forum. It’s not exactly on value investing but more on the general topic of wealth management. The speakers include:

  • Dr Dolf de Roos, best selling author of “Real Estate Riches”
  • Dr Clemen Chiang, options trading expert
  • James Skinner, best selling author of “The 9 steps of Success” & Japan’s leading management consultant.
  • Richard Tan, CEO of Success Resources
  • Eric Edmeades, Entrepreneur, Author & Consultant
  • Joe Cusick, Vice President Education, optionsXpress, Inc
  • Craig Cline, Director of Sales, Briefing.com

I will be posting some insights from what I learnt in the event. Stay tuned.

The Most Powerful Force in the World

Just this weekend, 98 students from Harvard had the opportunity to listen to Warren Buffett in person. In his speech, Warren Buffett shared what he thought was the most powerful force in the world (it’s not money) and his tips for financial success.

…Continue reading » The Most Powerful Force in the World

Legg Mason Thought Leader Forum 2006

Legg Mason Capital Management is one of America’s leading equity managers recognized for their distinct value investment process.

In September 2006, they conducted a leadership forum. The speakers and topics include the following: …Continue reading » Legg Mason Thought Leader Forum 2006

I just found a video recording of a seminar on value investing by Professor Bruce Greenwald of Columbia University, the place where Benjamin Graham worked previously.

For now, access to this full three hour plus content rich video recording of the seminar is free.

Fairly heavy academic stuff but useful nevertheless with practical examples.


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About 2 months ago, I made a post that contained an one hour video recording of Warren Buffett’s talk at the University of Florida.

Just found out that this talk was given way back in 1998.

The good news is that I managed to find the transcript for the talk. For those who didn’t have time to watch the video or prefer to read the transcript, you can download the transcripts of Warren Buffett’s speech here.

I just finished watching a talk given by Warren Buffett at the University of Florida. Watch the free video above for yourself to learn some of his thinking! I have written fragmented snippets of some of the things that he talked about below.

If you were graduating and were asked to pick someone from your class who will most likely succeed, what most of us will choose.

His thoughts on investing in Japan.

“Time is the friend of a wonderful business; but the enemy of a lousy business.”

His adversion of using leverage no matter how good the odds are.

“To risk something that is important to you for something this is not important to you is foolish. You only have to get rich once.”

His involvement in Long Term Capital Management.

“Work in a job that you love, and not something that will look good in your resume.”

He buys business that he can understand, with a moat around it and with honest and able management. If he’s unable to see them 10 years from now, he won’t buy it.

This point is worth pondering:
Everyone has a circle of competence when it comes to understanding businesses. It might be 20 stocks or 50 stocks out of the thousands of listed stocks. It is not how big your circle is, but how you stay inside the circle!

Activity versus inactivity.

What he will do if given a chance to live all over again.

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Warren Buffett Seminars?

Apart from his yearly AGMs, Warren Buffett hardly gives talks or seminars to the general public. However, there is one group of people that he will speak to even for free. And who are in this privileged group? Students.

Recently, Warren hosted a visit by a group of students from Medill’s Integrated Marketing Communications and school of journalism graduate programs.

This billionaire needed no entourage as he drove himself to a local country club in Omaha. Here are some snippets from his speech to the students.

Treat investing like journalism. Just as a reporter would want to find out something that most people don’t know about, you want to do the same for the companies you are analyzing. However, ninety-ninepercenty of the information out there is redundant.

You only have one life. If you have something or a job that you would like to do, do it today.

There must be a passion for the business you are in. There’s no such thing as retirement because work is play and play is work. If you look at the top managers in his companies, you will find most of them working even up to eighty or ninety plus years old.

Your inner scorecard is more important than your outer scorecard. Don’t worry about building a resume that you think others want to see.

Never get into something if you have the intention of someday wanting to get out of it.

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