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Warren Buffett is on Twitter! He received more than 50k followers in 30 mins. https://twitter.com/WarrenBuffett

All visitors here are invited to the India Business Conference at Columbia Business School.

One of the key highlights is a value investing panel moderated by Prof. Bruce Greenwald on “Investing in India: Finding Value” with four India’s focused equity investors. Event details are as follows:

Friday, April 1st 2011
Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University, 2960 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

For more details and registration, visit India Business Conference

Warren Buffett recently did a 3-hr long interview on CNBC Squawk Box. The complete transcript of the interview, as well as the actual video footage, can be found below:

CNBC Warren Buffett Transcript, March 2, 2011

Part 1: Most Berkshire Businesses ‘Inching Along’

Part 2 : The ‘Zebra’ That Got Away

Part 3: ‘Elephant Gun’ Targets & Riding the Railroad

Part 4: Blame Bankers, Bankers, Bankers?

Part 5: Cars and Bricks

Part 6: China and America’s Diminishing Dominance

Part 7: What Should Happen to CEOs of Failed Companies

Warren Buffet was recently interviewed on CNBC about his thoughts on Goldman Sachs and the state of the U.S. economic recovery.

You can watch the full interview in two parts below. If you prefer reading, the transcript can be found here.

Warren Buffett stars from 1 min 40s onwards.

Earlier this week, Warren Buffett and Henry Paulson appeared in an informal 50-minute “conversation” that focused on Paulson and the events he writes about in his book, On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System

On the Brink gives an insider account of the events that unfolded in the biggest financial crisis that took place since the Great Depression.

Henry Paulson On The Brink

A couple of days ago, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were at the Columbia Business School to answer questions from their students.

It was a lively session hosted by Becky Quick of CNBC.

The full transcripts of the session can be read here:

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Columbia Business School Full Transcript

Excerpts and Images From the Event

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. on Tuesday agreed to buy Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp., a $34 billion acquisition that if approved will be the biggest in Berkshire’s history. Buffett Buys Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Warren Buffett had a quick interview with CNBC Becky Quick on Monday following Berkshire’s AGM over the weekend.

Some points from the interview include:

  • Warren Buffett is optimistic about the U.S. economy over the long term, but has no idea how it will be in the short term. It will ultimately turn; he just don’t know when.
  • The time to buy stocks is when business sentiment is bad and nobody is buying.
  • The more cheap things become, the more he will buy. He likes to buy when things are cheap. While it is not the most attractive time now (it was in 1974 and 1975), it is among the more attractive now.
  • He reads 5 newspapers a day but the future of newspapers companies is very bleak.
  • The U.S. will need more tax revenue. Countries which has a huge debt always end up inflating their way out of it.

Complete transcripts of the interview can be downloaded here.

You can watch the clips below:

Part 1

Part 2

It has been some time since my last post. Last weekend, Warren Buffett released his annual letter to shareholders for the 2008 performance of Berkshire. Thought I would do a quick summary here.

The start of the letter shows a comparison of Berkshire versus the S&P. Since 1965, the per-share book value of Berkshire has only gone down twice (on an annual basis). 2001 saw a 6.2% drop while 2008 saw a 9.6% drop. The book value has risen from $19 to $70,530, or 20.3% compounded annually. $2000 invested with Berkshire in 1965 would have grown to almost $7 million today.

Warren Buffett’s Letter – 2008

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