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Warren Buffett is addicted to Bridge. He has this to say:

You know, if I’m playing bridge and a naked woman walks by, I don’t ever see her.

You have to look at all the facts. You have to draw inferences from what you’ve seen, what you’ve heard. You have to discard improper theories about what the hand had as more evidence comes in sometimes. You have to be open to a possible change of course if you get new information. You have to work with a partner, particularly on defense.

Warren Buffett and Microsoft’s Bill Gates love to play bridge, and they often play together online, and sometimes in person. Warren has also contributed a lot of money into a program to teach bridge to junior-high school kids and lends his name to the Warren Buffett Challenge Match, pitting the USA against Europe in the “Ryder Cup of bridge.”

Giving Reasons for Market Movements

Wise quotes from Warren Buffett:

Berkshire will someday have opportunities to deploy major amounts of cash in equity – we are confident of that. But, as the song goes, “Who knows where or when?” Meanwhile, if anyone starts explaining to you what is going on in the truly-manic portions of this “enchanted” market, you might remember still another line of song: “Fools give you reasons, wise men never try.”