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One of Warren Buffett’s star investor is a guy called Lou Simpson, who manages GEICO’s $4 billion plus equity.

The 70 year old is one of the greatest investors of all time, out-performing the S&P 500 index an average of 7% over time.

Here are some points extracted from a recent interview that morningstar had with Lou Simpson recently. …Continue reading » Lou Simpson – Star Investment Manager of GEICO

Ever wondered how Warren Buffett and his wife bought up their children?

Then you will want to read this article written about Susie Buffett, daughter of Warren Buffett.

One very admirable thing I found out was that when Warren Buffett was younger (and not so rich), he actually mortgaged his house in order to raise bail money for an African-American boy. Susan Thompson Buffett, the wife of Warren Buffett, had believed that the boy was innocent of the rape charge he was facing and therefore requsted for Warren to bail him out.

Warren agreed and the boy was subsequently not found guilty.

Truly the mark of a great man!

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