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Stock Spilts and Al Ueltschi

Joke by Warren Buffett on Al Ueltschi:

Al Ueltschi at FSI is now 83 and continues to operate at full throttle. Though I am not a fan of stock splits, I am planning to split Al’s age 2-for-1 when he hits 100. (If it works, guess who’s next.)

James Skinner

James Skinner is the first speaker after lunch. I have listened to him before and really liked his presentation. Just like the previous session, he did not disappoint this time round. He shared some radical ideas about investing. Here are the points he covered in this session.

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Dolf De Roos

The first speaker of the day was Dr Dolf de Ross, chairman of Property Ventures Limited. Here are some of the points he bought up.

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I’m now here in Singapore Expo for a local event called Personal Wealth Management Forum. It’s not exactly on value investing but more on the general topic of wealth management. The speakers include:

  • Dr Dolf de Roos, best selling author of “Real Estate Riches”
  • Dr Clemen Chiang, options trading expert
  • James Skinner, best selling author of “The 9 steps of Success” & Japan’s leading management consultant.
  • Richard Tan, CEO of Success Resources
  • Eric Edmeades, Entrepreneur, Author & Consultant
  • Joe Cusick, Vice President Education, optionsXpress, Inc
  • Craig Cline, Director of Sales, Briefing.com

I will be posting some insights from what I learnt in the event. Stay tuned.

Following up on my previous post which contained Warren Buffett’s warning on China, I have found an audio recording of the interview (conducted in English with mandarin translation) that Warren Buffett did in China. Here’s what was covered:

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A week after Warren Buffett sold its entire stake in Petrochina, Warren Buffett warned investors to be cautious about the Chinese stock market, which has risen nearly six times in the last two years.

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The Most Powerful Force in the World

Just this weekend, 98 students from Harvard had the opportunity to listen to Warren Buffett in person. In his speech, Warren Buffett shared what he thought was the most powerful force in the world (it’s not money) and his tips for financial success.

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We know that Warren Buffett has been paring his stake in Petrochina. In an interview on Fox Business a few days ago, Warren revealed that Berkshire’s entire stake has been sold. The reason was selling was due to valuation and not over the company’s role in the Darfur. The investment bagged Berkshire a profit of $3.5 billion on an initial investment of $500 million. You can watch the entire 5-min interview here.

Warren Buffett Bought Brazilian Real

Earlier on, we had speculated on what currency Warren Buffett was actually holding. The mystery currency that Warren Buffett bought turned out to be the Brazilian Real.

Warren Buffett said in an interview on Fox Business Network, “If you told me 10 years ago I would buy the Brazilian real, you would, I would, have thought you were crazy,”.

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Berkshire Annual Letter 2000 (Part 3)

At Berkshire, full reporting means giving all the important facts about current operations as well as the CEO’s frank view of the long-term economic characteristics of the business.

There is neither vague accounting methodolody, nor messages prepared by the public relations department.

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