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Legg Mason Thought Leader Forum 2006

Legg Mason Capital Management is one of America’s leading equity managers recognized for their distinct value investment process.

In September 2006, they conducted a leadership forum. The speakers and topics include the following: …Continue reading » Legg Mason Thought Leader Forum 2006

Commencement Speech by Charlie Munger

Here’s a video recording of the recent commencement speech given by Charlie Munger, long-time partner of Warren Buffett and vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, to 300 Law graduates from University of Southern California.

The entire video is about 2hrs long but you can fast forward to about 43min to hear Charlie speaking (Introduction about Charlie by the Law Dean starts at about 39min). Charlie’s speech lasts about 40 minutes.

He’s not going to be talking about value investing or anything similar, but shares more of his ideas towards life and gives some general advice for the law graduates.

Here are some ideas from his speech: …Continue reading » Commencement Speech by Charlie Munger

More Warren Buffett Videos

Here’s an exclusive 1-hr interview of Warren Buffett by Charlie Rose. I haven’t got a chance to watch it yet but I will make another post on the key points once I have managed to do so.

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In this video interview with John P. Hamilton of Bloomberg, Warren Buffett talks about his philanthropic efforts, United States tax policy, his search for a chief investment officer and his support for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as presidential candidates.

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Buffett on Being Buffett

In this short interview with Susan Lisovicz of CNN, Warren Buffett gives us his views on the Dow (when it will go to 2,000,000), the future of the housing market (sick!), gas prices (cheap), executive salaries (high) and Berkshire’s stake in Petrochina.

Note: You have to watch a short 6 second advertisement before you can watch the interview.

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Explore Buffalo Niagara 2007

Here’s a message from Warren Buffett. Any takers?

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Today, you are in for a short video treat. I will be sharing with you an exclusive morning interview that Liz Claman of CNBC did with Warren Buffett recently.

In this 14-min interview, Warren Buffett shares his thoughts on:

Regulation and whether the capital markets are competitive enough.

Successive plan.

His investments outside the United States.

Should hedge funds be regulated.

Executive compensation.

The number one threat to stock markets and what investors need to have.

Index funds.


Current tax rates.

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This is a Q & A session with Warren Buffett in his office in Omaha, NE back in Jan 2005. The video recording was recently made available by Darren Johnson.

The video is about 37min long and seems to end abruptly (Perhaps they run out of batteries towards the end).

In this session, Warren Buffett answers some of these questions:

How he measure intrinsic value.

In terms of opportunity recognition, how he looks for opportunity in the market.

If he were an entrepreneur starting a business, what he would do.

Why we have a huge edge over Warren Buffett.

A couple of his mistakes.

Why he doesn’t do stock splits and dividends.

Where he got lucky.

After watching so many of his talks, it seems to me that he has a few points which he always emphasise on. Simple thoughts that this great investor lives by.

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I just found a video recording of a seminar on value investing by Professor Bruce Greenwald of Columbia University, the place where Benjamin Graham worked previously.

For now, access to this full three hour plus content rich video recording of the seminar is free.

Fairly heavy academic stuff but useful nevertheless with practical examples.


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Recently, Liz Claman from CNBC had the privilege of following Warren Buffett around for one day and interviewing him. This was recorded into a show called “The Billionaire Next Door”.

I will be posting the clips of the 5-part series in my blog. They last about 45 minutes in all. Enjoy!

In the first part, we learn a bit about Warren’s childhold and the stock that he bought at a ripe old age of 11, and in his own words, “I got started late”.

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