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Warren Buffett Power Lunch

Bidding has begun for this year’s “Power Lunch” with Warren Buffett. The proceeds from the auction will go to the San Francisco’s Glide Foundation.

The online auction is being hosted by eBay as part of its Giving Works initiative and ends at 10pm ET this coming Sunday, June 27. Bidders must pre-qualify before they can bid.

Based on the bidding from previous years, the final bid should easily go into six figures. However, Warren Buffett does come with “free shipping” according to the auction site.

Last year highest bid of $650,100 came from Mohnish Pabrai and co-bidder Guy Spier.

For the not-so-rich, you can bid on a Monopoly board and box signed by Warren Buffett.

The auction for the Monopoly board ends Wednesday, June 25, just before 3:30pm ET while the auction for the Monopoly box finishes Thursday, June 26, just after 6:30pm ET.

Christmas Video Gift

A Christmas video from me to you. This is a beautiful dance. Try not to cry when you watch this.

Archives Link Added

I have just added an archives link. On that page, you will be able to see a listing of all posts sorted by category. Hope you find it useful.

I’m done with the summary of the 1997 reports! That makes it twenty years from 1977 to 1997.

Ten more years to catch up with the present 2007 report.

To all my readers, thank you for your support.

Here are my plans for the future:

…Continue reading » Twenty Years of Berkshire Annual Reports!

Migration to WordPress Completed!

I have just finished migrating the entire Intelligent Investor Club site from Blogger over to WordPress. WordPress is really far better than Blogger in terms of features and functionality. Hope that the new navigation and layout will serve to enhance your reading experience.

Slight delay in updates

I’m currently in the midst of attending two back-to-back seminars (lasting a total of 6 days), so it will be a few days before I resume with the summary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire letters again.

Please check back to the site again in a few days time.

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I have been ripped off!

First, read this statement:

“Along with the release of its 2Q07 results, Roly also announced a proposed voluntary delisting of Roly from the Singapore Exchange. The rationale for the proposed delisting was that the share prices of its listed entities, namely Roly, Linmark and Byford on the relevant exchanges do not reflect the underlying values of these entities.

In addition, Roly also cited high costs and time spend on compliance with listing rules and regulatory matters as further reasons behind the proposal. The exit offer price for shareholders is pegged at S$0.35. The deal is subject to the approval of shareholders at a special general meeting to be held within 3 months.”

The “voluntary” delisting have since been approved to become a mandatory delisting.

So, how have I been ripped off?

The management of this company feels that the market prices of it’s shares are under-valued, then proceeds to make an arrangement for the shareholders to sell out their shares at near market prices.

What kind of logic is that?

We have no choice but to sell our shares at bargain prices.


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Feed Problems With Feedburner

I’m having some problems with feedburner and will be stopping the use of it very soon. If you are subscribed to my feed, please make sure your feed is updated to the latest feed address.


Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then kindly ignore this post. :)

Taiwan Earthquake

I have not written anything for the past few days as I was not able to connect to blogger.

A few days ago, there was an earthquake in Taiwan that destroyed major communication cables deployed under the sea. As a result, the internet access in my country was badly affected.

Hardly anyone was able to connect to websites that were overseas, and many businesses had their operations disrupted.

It will take a few weeks for services to be restored to normal.

For now, my internet is crawling along at a very slow speed, just like pre-broadband times.

As we move forward in the internet age, we seem to take for granted the availability of information at our fingertips. We forget that many factors beyond our control could and will alter the environment that we operate in.

Is your investment portfolio ready for such shocks or changes? Rather, does the businesses that you invest in have such a strong moat that such shocks will not bring them down?

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I would like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and offer my best wishes for 2007. Here’s a very short (and less serious) video clip that you would like to watch.

Video Clip

Make no assumptions about your investments!

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