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Warren Buffett Buys Wrigley

Warren Buffett once again shows his preference for investing in easy to understand businesses when he teams up with candy maker Mars to buy Wm Wrigley Jr, the world’s largest chewing gum meaker for US$23 billion.

The recently announced deal meant that Berkshire Hathaway will have a minority stake in Wrigley. The purchase price of US$80 a share is a 28 per cent premium over Wrigley’s closing price of US$62.45 last Friday.

In early April, Warren Buffett invited 150 students from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School to his premise. Fortune Magazine was also invited to sit in with the chance for an interview. The following were covered in the session:

  • Why the efficient market theory is misguided.
  • Why it is very difficult to regulate people.
  • His thoughts about the election.
  • His first job.
  • How he gets his ideas.
  • His advice to you if you are not a professional investor.
  • The extreme leveraging in the current turmoil.
  • The impossibility of understanding CDOs.

I always say you should get greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. But that’s too much to expect. Of course, you shouldn’t get greedy when others get greedy and fearful when others get fearful. At a minimum, try to stay away from that.

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More on Omaha Visit by NUS Students

With reference to my earlier post on the Warren Buffett by NUS students, I got lucky and managed to find a report of their visit. Here are some key extracts from the students about Warren Buffett:

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A few days ago, Warren Buffett took part in a question-and-answer session with business college students during the “Emerging Issues and Trends in Real Estate” forum and educational conference at the Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri.

The session was conducted over a video conference. These are some points from Warren Buffett:

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Some NUS Students Got Lucky

Some lucky postgraduate students from the National University of Singapore got a chance to visit Warren Buffett during a recent study trip to the US in February 2008. It was the first time an Asian university held a dialogue with the investment guru.

The 21 Master in Business Administration or MBA students also visited companies like Apple and Google in Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

But the highlight of their study trip was a personal session with Warren Buffet in Omaha.

I don’t have any details of what Warren Buffett said to them but if the past is any guide, it should be something similar to this:

Warren Buffett Speaks at University of Florida

This video is hidden among a ton of posts here so I thought it would be good to bring it up again.