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It has been a while since I last sumarised the annual letters that Warren Buffett writes to his shareholders. I was halfway through the 2001 letter, and will attempt to round it up here.

In that year, Warren Buffett had lukewarm feelings about stocks for the rest of the decade. He felt that the market had outperformed the business for a long period of time, and that had to end. Any investor buying in at that time would likely be disappointed.

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Warren Buffett on CNBC Squawk Box

A few days ago, Warren Buffett had a live appearance and interview session on CNBC Squawk Box with Becky Quick. The session was pretty long and a part of it was for Warren to answer a series of email questions from CNBC’s readers. I’m producing a summary of some points from the interview. Some of these are his replies to questions from the emails:

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Warren Buffett has just released his latest annual letter to his Berkshire shareholders a few days ago. While I haven’t read through the entire thing yet, a quick scan shows Warren critisising pension funds for their over-optimistic projections of their returns.

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